SYNERGENICS™ offers ACCESS to universal information. This information is intentionally pitched to address issues that arise as people confront and move through the on-going life situations and circumstances that occur for them on the physical plane.

The material provides descriptive explanations of such situations and circumstances in the larger context of the over-all incarnational picture and also provides a wide variety of tools, methodologies and processes that a person can use as a sufficient structure with which to manage this life lesson learning.

SYNERGENICS™ presents a multi-dimensional model of a personal existence and life management system and has been made available to humanity at this time in accordance with the possibility on the planet for conscious evolution. It facilitates the new education which is the acknowledgement on the planet at this time of the soul conscious of itself individually and in alignment with all other souls moving forward together.

It addresses the acknowledgement of personal responsibility for the accelerated personal growth and development necessary to consciously release the imprinted identity inside of the incarnation and move forward consciously and with velocity in the identified life purpose. It offers a complete methodology for accomplishing that, and, a dynamic, living, existence system for generating and maintaining that life style on-goingly.

SYNERGENICS™ declaredly provides a method of functional synergy, a multi-dimensional dynamic process of personal integration and management, based on a series of inter-related matrices

Conscious evolution is synergenic in nature.

Life is a dynamic process and living can be addressed most globally inside of the context of conscious evolution

SYNERGENICS™ applies the spiral nature of life to the process of personal growth and development in the service of conscious evolution through a series of techniques and practices and provides a unique method for anyone at any level to sort and integrate the content and circumstances of their individual lives contextually in such a way as to accelerate their personal growth and development.

Clearly, the SYNERGENICS PROCESS™ is a linear description of a multi-dimensional process and intricately related to the process of life itself. While we are identifying and describing the components of this process, we fully acknowledge that they are occurring simultaneously.

Inside of a general conversation about how synergy works and what the SYNERGENICS PROCESS™ is in general, we discuss the absolute in each area and what would represent functional mastery for that person in each area of the SYNERGENICS SPIRAL™. After progressing through THE LIFE REVIEW™, including looking at the generative and degenerative forces current in the existence spiral, what’s working and not working in the life, a person may identify recurring life themes, issues and conditions. Following that, they would address the theory of personal responsibility and commitment management, then, draw up an action plan for accelerated personal growth and development including pattern recognition and release and possibilities, goals and potential accomplishments. At that stage, they would set up a COMMIENT MANAGEMENT™ process and then develop an on-going existence system and continuity practices for the dynamic management of those selected commients over time.

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