An introduction to the SYNERGENICS™


A simple introduction to SYNERGENICS ™



We've all had those spontaneous moments where we are present to life occurring in an expanded way...where some-one we have just been thinking of or talking about calls on the phone, or we run into them coincidentally downtown...or we meet some-one who is looking for some-one to work with them in just the job we were looking for...call it co-incidence, serendipity or natural networking, what it is, is synergy, or life working in the way it can work when those living it are living in expanded awareness and are present to expanded purposes together.  We call living life in this way, "synergenic".


SYNERGENICS ™ is a multi-dimensional system for ACCELERATED PERSONAL GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT ™.  The SYNERGENICS PROCESS ™ provides a methodology for the application of the principles of conscious evolution on the physical plane and uses applied CONTINUITY PRACTICES ™ to support PERSONAL INTEGRATION ™ in the on-going process of conscious evolution.


SYNERGENICS ™ is an applications technology predicated on direct communication to, from and with the individualized SELF.  It operates from the context of both an incarnational and multi-incarnational perspective of life, providing a sorting process for the identity's resultant cumulative actions and corrections in service of the SELF.  It allows for the on-going process of PERSONAL INTEGRATION ™ through LIFE ANALYSIS ™ into an also on-going dynamic balance in the living of life.

SYNERGENICS ™ is a methodology for transcendence, which means that while a someone is living in a series of circumstances and conditions they can at the same time, both experience them personally, and transcend them contextually, moving forward powerfully in their lives and consciously and powerfully impacting others around them.


The SYNERGENICS PROCESS ™ provides uniquely for the continuity of life in conscious evolution by addressing personal growth and development as an on-going phenomenon.


SYNERGENICS ™ contains information and a methodology that is applicable in all levels of development to all states and stages in development.


It addresses the incarnation and imprinting of children;  elementary, secondary and tertiary education as they currently exist and it addresses continuing education of a transformative kind;  also transition from this plane on to the formless state through passing over from the physical to the non-physical dimensions.


It has been scripturally channeled over a period of 40 years in its entirety.


SYNERGENICS ™ addresses any and all those who have an inner-directed impulse to manage their own personal growth and development both electively and selectively.  We call this SELF MANAGEMENT ™.


SYNERGENICS ™ presents a multi-dimensional model of a personal existence and life management system and has been made available to humanity at this time in accordance with the possibility on the planet for conscious evolution.  It facilitates the new education which is the acknowledgement on the planet at this time of the soul conscious of itself individually and in alignment with all other souls moving forward together.


It addresses the acknowledgement of personal responsibility for the accelerated personal growth and development necessary to consciously release the imprinted identity inside of the incarnation and move forward consciously and with velocity in the identified life purpose.  It offers a complete methodology for accomplishing that, 

and, a dynamic, living, existence system for generating and maintaining that life style on-goingly.


SYNERGENICS ™ declaredly provides a method of functional synergy, a multi-dimensional dynamic process of personal integration and management, based on a series of inter-related matrices.



Conscious evolution is synergenic in nature.


Life is a dynamic process and living can be addressed most globally inside of the context of conscious evolution


SYNERGENICS ™ applies the spiral nature of life to the process of personal growth and development in the service of conscious evolution through a series of techniques and practices and provides a unique method for anyone at any level to sort and integrate the content and circumstances of their individual lives contextually in such a way as to accelerate their personal growth and development through expanding their natural way of being.


Clearly, the SYNERGENICS PROCESS ™ is a linear description of a multi-dimensional process and intricately related to the process of life itself.   While we are identifying and describing the components of this process, we fully acknowledge that they are occurring simultaneously.


If we look at life that way, then the arbitrary differentiation of life into eight specific, inter-related areas to manage that comprise the sections of a continuously evolving spiral, makes sense.  However, as with the eight areas of life that have identified that are arbitrary divisions of what we call the SYNERGENICS SPIRAL ™, we gain understanding of a linear progression that appears to exist here also.


The first area is the management of the physical BODY and WELL BEING.  If we're here on the physical plane, then we're occupying a physical body.


Having a body individuates us and by definition puts us in RELATIONSHIP with everyone and everything.




Communication gives the formation of IDENTITY, and the opportunity for CREATIVITY and SELF EXPRESSION.


Creativity and self expression give OPPORTUNITIES and the need for OPPORTUNITIES MANAGEMENT, the realization of gifts and the use of those gifts in the service of life's PURPOSE.


Opportunities create the need for resources, MONEY and the need for FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT.


Financial freedom allows for an expanded LIFE STYLE in which personal, community and global service is possible.





SYNERGENICS SYSTEMS is a method of multiple project management that enables all areas to be managed harmoniously and dynamically together, an existence system through which a non linear process is able to be effectively managed in a non linear way, producing compound results through on-going synergy.


Also, there exists a series of turns and levels of the on-going spiral of conscious evolution which are addressed in the SYNERGENICS ™ overall material.  They include rhythmatic connected BREATH as a focused practice for expanding the interface between the Divine and the physical body;  THEONICS, the direct study of UNIVERSAL LAW;  EARTH STUDIES;  studies of the inter-dynamics of CULTURE; PEACE studies;  and TRANSCENDANCE and transitional studies.


These 16 manuals are focused around the sixteen inter-dimensional matrices that allow for the progression through the states and stages of conscious evolution on the physical plane.


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