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Life Transition Coaching Certificate Program

The Life Transition Coaching Program is designed to engender the profound personal sensitivity needed, and to provide the tools and techniques required, to effectively facilitate the passing of someone in transition, from one life state to another. It provides the chance to have “hands on” experience in a context that makes a profound difference in the life of another, while building corresponding insight into your own life. It is also specifically designed to provide the training, development, and certification that will give rise to one of the newer employment opportunities potential in our society.

The Program will focus on End of Life Facilitation, although all other life transitions will be fully addressed, and will cover a wide variety of topics and issues related to the field. (see: Life Transition Coaching Program, Course Outline)

The certificate program is equivalent to a two year college degree and participants are eligible to be considered for a Bachelors Degree through The International University if they have an existing two years of relevant college credit at an acceptable college or university.

Program will be delivered intensively in tutorial style over a 9 month period with 3 intensive weekends and weekly meetings/ and digitally streamed sessions. At this time it is non-residential although participants in the Santa Barbara area will meet locally.

The Program also requires intensive reading, writing, in-depth personal work, a practicum and a project in the field.

The requirements for admission into the Program are a profound interest in and sensitivity to the overall well being of others, and some experience in a related field (counselor, minister, healer, medical practitioner, teacher, nurse, caretaker, parent, emergency service person, community service volunteer) and some personal experience with the death of a loved one/ ones.

In addition to all course work, each participant must keep a personal journal that will provide a means of recording their personal growth process such that they can use it as a basis for assignments

Course requirements:
20 courses

Course cost: $4500 ($225 per individual course)
Participants may pay for the course in total at registration or, by prior agreement, pay either monthly for the Program or by course.

Additional costs:
The experiential nature of applied consciousness studies motivates many participants to explore the range of what is offered in the field generally in society.

It is possible to supplement this Program with individual accelerated personal growth and development coaching sessions.

Participants registered in any of our programs qualify for a reduced rate for personal coaching.

Call (805) 448-1939 to enroll now for 2010’s Program.

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