What, then, makes the SYNERGENICS™ SYSTEM unique?

•It is a wholly integrated and integrative system that provides a simple and effective context for complete PERSONAL INTEGRATION™/ wide enough to allow for the step by step processing of any body’s individual life content. This is called SELF MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS™. SELF management allows for the conscious management of the personal identity by the SELF and is foundational to the actual process of conscious evolution.

•The contextual aspect of SYNERGENICS™ allows for ACCELERATED PERSONAL GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT™ to be addressed as a whole. This assists people who have the consciousness, but not the technology, or the technology but not the context to use a system the matrically combines both so that they function together.

•Everything in life grows in a spiral. The SYNERGENICS PROCESS™ is a dynamically expressed spiral system that effectively applies the spiral formation to personal growth and development.

•It does this through delineating a series of multi-dimensional matrices that together comprise what we call a SPIRADIGM™. It provides instant and on-going large paradigm access to conscious evolution through conscious activation and sustained use of the SPIRADIGM™, which we term SPIRONICS™

•It has an incarnational perspective and multi-incarnational context or paradigm inside of which to look at this incarnation, expressed through THE LIFE REVIEW™

•It relates directly to and is an expression of THE CONSCIOUNESS CODE™, the actual complete explanation of the purposes and process of incarnation itself.

•It is consistent with universal laws and thus is consistent contextually with all expressions of life either expressed in orientations such as physics, philosophy, bio-chemistry etc. However, it makes universal law, personal and translates “spiritual” teaching into common sense language, taking transformational theory and adding to it an applications technology that makes it practical and applicable in this day and time.

•It provides a dynamic and continuing developmental context and represents a model for self-directed and self-managed on-going accelerated personal growth and development through The SYNERGENICS PROCESS™

•Each person approaches personal growth and development in their own way at their own time therefore the process will, by definition be unique for each person based on that person’s sorting and integration of their own particular life content, experientially.

•It is contextually oriented towards mastery. The developmental path continues to expand exponentially through the synergenic nature of the spiral in increasing expressions of awareness until mastery is reached.

•SYNERGENICS™ Coaches are required to have experienced and integrated and effectively demonstrated measurably the practical manifestations of consciousness that they are then cleared to coach and can be called on to do that inside of the process.

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